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Teachme Biz

Manuals are vital for work procedures and ensuring safety, but creating easy-to-use manuals requires expertise, and is not something just anyone can do. Time and effort are required to create manuals.
Using Teachme Biz, anyone can quickly create manuals that are simple and easy to understand.

Teachme Biz
Teachme Biz

Are you facing any of these issues?

Difficult to standardize manuals

  • Each manual author has their own method, and the correct procedures are not set.
  • There are tasks that only specific people can do.

Making manuals is difficult

  • It takes time to make a manual.
  • Workflows often change, but manual updates are forgotten.
  • We don’t know how to create an easy-to-understand manual that people on the site will actually reference.

Nobody reads the manuals

  • Workers ignore the manuals created for them, leading to different levels of understanding.
  • Old content is left behind, so people lose trust in the manuals.

Teachme Biz is a manual creation and sharing system that makes “teaching” and “learning” simpler.


Teaching and learning is easier

Using Teachme Biz, you can create step-based manuals combining images and videos. These are more intuitive than text-based or video-only manuals, as they show the steps for each procedure. Manuals can be shared by creating QR codes.


Anyone can easily make a manual

All you have to do is follow the template to add images and text. As the format shows each procedure step by step, they are easy to see, and can be updated easily if there are changes in procedures. Images and videos can be easily edited as well, so anyone can effortlessly create a manual.


Analyze and improve

The usage status of the created manuals can be analyzed. You can check whether the manuals are being properly used. In addition, you can use the search logs to see what information employees are really after. Analyzing trends can lead to ongoing increases in work efficiency.

Use Cases

Global Corporation


  • Training and education costs were through the roof due to geographical issues.
  • It was difficult to manage old and new manuals at cross border sites.

How Teachme Biz was used

  • We slashed training costs by using visual-based manuals that did not rely on just text.
  • The latest version of the manuals were uploaded to the cloud, so there was no need to notify workers of new versions.

After Implementation

  • Slashed training costs through visual-based manuals.
  • Being cloud-based, the manuals were always the latest version, making management easier.



  • We needed a lot of time to train part-timers.
  • It was a lot of work to update and manage manuals.

How Teachme Biz was used

  • We replaced paper manuals with manuals created with Teachme Biz.
  • Using Teachme Biz, we can check numerically how many times the manuals are accessed by each employee.

After Implementation

  • Much less time taken to train staff thanks to manuals with videos.
  • Digital manuals allowed for less paper and easier management.



  • The only way to deal with problems was to check with the supervisor.
  • We didn’t have the capability to make manuals.

How Teachme Biz was used

  • Manuals were created for a range of tasks. Part-timers were also able to manage them.

After Implementation

  • We could deal with problems on-site using the manuals.
  • We could easily create and update manuals.


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