RealWear® Smart Glasses

Transform your frontline workforce

RealWear® Smart Glasses

A wearable device that lets you work hands-free in the frontline for a safer, faster, and smarter delivery of information in real-time.


RealWear Navigator™ 500


Are you facing any of these issues?

Business travel is coslty and time consuming

  • Frequent and costly site visits.
  • COVID-19 travel restrictions.

So much effort is required to reduce downtime

  • Cascading knowledge of complex equipment.
  • Searching for physical user operating manuals.

Improving productivity and safety is priorty

  • Inconsistency in engineer skills.
  • Working at high risk locations.

RealWear® has been developed with industrial strength.


Use familiar apps

Android™ based, so you can use familiar collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom for remote assistance. The software also supports a wide range of languages in addition to English (Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc.).

Android is a trademark of Google LLC.


100% hands free to increase productivity

All app functions can be voice controlled. With noise-canceling function, RealWear® can be used in high noise environments as well. The approx. 7-inch screen view allows for easy viewing of various documents.


Water-resistant, Dust Tight, Shock Resistant Built Rugged, Long-Lasting Battery

IP66 – Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water. Complete protection against the ingress of micro particles Shock Resistant–Resistant to 2 meter drops onto concrete from any angle.
Built Rugged–Fully operational from -20℃ to +50℃.
Long-Lasting Battery– The internal battery allows for at least 8 hours of continuous use.

Use Cases

Manufacturing (Automobile Plant)


  • Using a paper-based manual to quality inspect over 120 items was inefficient.

How smart glasses are used

  • Implemented RealWear®.
  • Quality inspectors are now able to freely move to any page in the digital manual by using the voice control “show next” or “show previous”.


  • Major cost savings by going paperless.
  • Faster and efficient quality inspection has led to Increase in productivity.

Public Infrastructure (Natural Gas Plant)


  • When there is a problem along the pipeline, the maintenance team must respond promptly. However, it took time to understand what was going on.

How smart glasses are used

  • Site personnel use RealWear® to send images of the site to the maintenance team in real time.
  • The maintenance unit can use this information to assist the frontline where repairs are required.


  • Response/recovery time reduced by 30%.
  • Problem identification and decisions can be made in real-time.


We offer one-stop support, from selecting the device and apps that meet your requirement for onboarding and operating RealWear®.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Southeast Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We offer a one-stop support service, from preliminary consultations to selection of devices and application software. We can also provide solutions to your needs for site communication environments (SIMs, routers, etc.). RealWear® has been implemented to over 5,000 companies globally, including businesses in the manufacturing, petrochemicals, energy plants, construction, and automotive industries.

Steps to implement RealWear® in Your Company

Step.01 Preliminary
Step.02 Device/app selection
Step.03 Proposal
and contract
Step.04 Services and
communication infrastructure provision
Step.05 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

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