This is a cloud-based attendance management service
that can be customized to each company’s attendance system.



KING OF TIME is a cloud based service that can provide sophisticated attendance management with only a PC and an internet connection. It allows flexible attendance management based on your company's work regulations.


Are you facing any of these issues?

Managing a variety of employee locations and work arrangements

  • Managing a variety of employee locations and work arrangements is difficult.

We want to optimize our clock in/out method

  • With the wide adoption of remote work, variations in clock in/out methods are needed.
  • We are considering bringing in a fingerprint authentication recorder to prevent irregularities.

We want to link attendance management with the payroll system

  • We have difficulty streamlining employee data to the payroll system.
  • There is a lot of checking work and manual calculations.

KING OF TIME can manage employee attendance globally


Low cost to implement and simple to use

Monthly fee of S$3 per user. Secure and can be customized for various work arrangements and local holidays.


A variety of clock in/out methods

A wide range of clock in/out methods can be provided to suit a company's needs, including fingerprint authentication recorders, PCs, and geofence apps that allow clock in when arriving at specific locations.


Monthly data can be exported in CVS format

KING OF TIME allows monthly attendance data to be exported in CVS format. This can be easily imported into the payroll system to streamline your processes.

Use Cases

Global Corporation (Attendance Management at Overseas Sites)


  • We were unable to manage employee attendance at a global scale. We could not collect any statistics.
  • There were issues with dealing with different time zones.
  • We needed thorough attendance management from the perspective of compliance.

How KING OF TIME was used

  • Employee attendance for multiple countries was managed from a single account.
  • Fingerprint authentication recorders were installed.

After Implementation

  • Manage multiple countries from a single account.
  • We could monitor and prevent improper clock in/outs.
  • Affordable implementation cost.

Manufacturing Industry (Streamlining with the Payroll System)


  • Attendance management is complicated, creating inefficiencies.
  • It took time to reconcile with the payroll system, due to manual confirmation of time card information.

How KING OF TIME was used

  • CSV files of attendance data were used to automatically calculate attendance times based on set rules.

After Implementation

  • CSV files were used to greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Fewer data entry errors led to improved productivity.


DOCOMO ASIA provides implementation and operational support for business tools.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We provide one-stop support for everything from preliminary consulting to the introduction and implementation of application software. KING OF TIME has been used by 28,100 companies and over 2 million employees (as of January 2022), giving it by far the largest share of the cloud-based attendance management market.

Support and Steps to Start Using KING OF TIME in Your Company

Step.01 Preliminary
Step.02 Proposal
and contract
Step.03 Implementation
Step.04 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

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