Global SMS Broadcasting

A global SMS broadcasting service that can be used to confirm safety of employees
in emergencies as well as enhance internal communication.

SMS Broadcasting Service

Global SMS Broadcasting Service

This is a service that can send messages simultaneously using SMS*and collect responses in real time. With global compatibility, this is the preferred simultaneous contact service for checking safety and sharing information among employees.

SMS is a service that allows short messages to be sent and received among mobile numbers, SMS service providers. The address is specified using a mobile number, so messages can be sent even when the recipient e-mail address is not known.

Global SMS Broadcasting Service
SMS Broadcasting Service

Are you facing any of these issues?

We want something easy to implement

  • We have a lot of employees, so setup is difficult.
  • It is difficult to switch to smartphones, so we can’t use a dedicated app.

We want to easily aggregate response results from emergency contacts

  • We want to resend messages to employees we did not reach.
  • We want to know who did not reply.

We want to check the safety of employees in several countries

  • The risk of natural disasters and incidents are increasing each year.
  • Messages sent to e-mail addresses do not always reach.

SMS Broadcasting Service is a powerful communication tool


Simple functions, simple operation
No need for dedicated app

All you need is an internet connection to simultaneously send to everyone from a computer or smartphone. As no dedicated apps are needed, you can communicate using your existing mobile devices.


Visualizing with the aggregation function

This can easily aggregate the results of sending messages and the status of responses from users and graph them for easy visualization. It can also be set to automatically send messages to users who have not responded.


Wide coverage

Coverage is provided over 17 regions, mainly in Asia (as of May 2019). Supports SIMs of major communication carriers, helping manage risks on a global basis. In addition, if the other party’s device supports it, there are no restrictions on the message language.

Use Cases

Multinational Corporation


  • E-mail read/response cannot be checked in real time.
  • For business reasons, it has not always been easy to bring in smartphone apps.

How Global SMS Broadcasting Service was used

  • SMS broadcasting from Japan to employees around the world.
  • Responses only needed to be a single letter to show employee safety.
  • Transmission and response status can be aggregated in real time.

After Implementation

  • Can be implemented without any special setup.
  • Allows real time response.
  • Real-time aggregation makes smoother work for managers as well.

Educational Institute


  • We had an emergency contact system using a phone contact network, but it took time to contact everyone.
  • There were also occasional mistakes in information.

How Global SMS Broadcasting Service was used

  • The phone contact network was replaced by this as a way to share information with parents/guardians.
  • In addition to emergency contacts, it is used to send announcements from the school or carry out questionnaires of parents/guardians.

After Implementation

  • Simultaneous, speedy, accurate information can be passed along.
  • It can be used for daily announcements as well, increasing contact work efficiency.


DOCOMO ASIA provides implementation and operational support for business tools.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We provide one-stop support for everything from preliminary consulting to the introduction and implementation of devices and application software. We can also provide solutions to your needs for site communication environments (SIMs, routers, etc.).

Support and Steps to Start Using Global SMS Broadcasting Service in Your Company

Step.01 Preliminary
Step.02 Device/app selection
Step.03 Proposal
and contract
Step.04 Services and
communication infrastructure provision
Step.05 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

This service has been developed by NTT DOCOMO and is provided by Mobile Innovation, a DOCOMO subsidiary headquartered in Thailand.

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