A cloud-based business chat service that allows secure, smooth communication.



Chatwork is a cloud-based business communication tool that can replace e-mail and phones. Allows communication in a secure environment. Only monthly subscription fee is required. (No initial fees or equipment installation fees. )


Are you facing any of these issues?

We want to review our internal communication methods

  • Emails tend to get overlooked, so we need a tool that allows timely communication among employees.
  • We cannot see individual project progress with employees using different tools.

We are worried about the security of tele-conferencing

  • We need a system that allows secure complement remote working.

We want to share task information

  • We are having difficulty managing project progress with the wide adoption of remote working.

Chatwork functions


Timely, easy communication through chats

The pin function can pin a specific chat to the top, and files can be seen as a list. Using the bulk import function allows simple user management. Logs can also be viewed.


Secure tele-conferencing for up to 14 locations

Using a videophone function that allows simultaneous talking at multiple sites, people can take part in conferences from different locations, such as the head office and branches, and even from hotels during business trips. Documents can also be easily shared with the screen share function.


Request/completion/report progress can be seen at a glance with the task management tool

For each task, the person working on it and the deadline can be specified to register the work you want done, preventing tasks from being overlooked. In addition, there is a function to notify the other party when a task is completed, preventing lapses in progress management.

Use Cases

Sharing Information Between Organizations


  • Opportunities were lost due to a lack of information sharing between branches and stores.
  • Arranging venues and travel dates for meetings between the head office and branches took time and quite inefficient.

How Chatwork was used

  • Strengthening connections, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, through fine-tuned group divisions. Organization information was shared promptly and in detail.
  • Using the videophone function, which allows simultaneous talking at multiple sites, allowed efficient meeting operations.

After Implementation

  • Information-sharing between multiple bases was streamlined, contributing to improved sales.
  • Major reductions in overtime work.

Improving Work on Large-scale Projects


  • There was a lack of communication between organizations in large-scale projects.
  • We had issues with the efficient handing over of data and communication methods with overseas business divisions.

How Chatwork was used

  • Using Chatwork allowed for major reductions in development time thanks to prompt and detailed chat communication.
  • 10GB of file storage was ensured for each user.

After Implementation

  • File management for each group chat was possible, leading to major improvements in work efficiency.
  • It was possible to efficiently exchange data with project members in remote locations.



  • Existing chat tools were open source, so there were security concerns.
  • Useful functions in existing chat tools could not be used due to security issues.

How Chatwork was used

  • Administrator controlled all security mitigating security concerns.
  • Being able to use Chatwork’s security-conscious functions improved work efficiency.

After Implementation

  • Strengthened information security measures.
  • Allowed the use of useful functions thanks to worry-free security.


DOCOMO ASIA provides implementation and operational support for business tools.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We provide one-stop support for everything from preliminary consulting to the introduction and implementation of application software.

Support and Steps to Start Using Chatwork in Your Company

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and contract
Step.03 Implementation
Step.04 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

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