This is a DX solution for the manufacturing, construction, and tourism industries
that can easily share 360˚ spatial imagery in real time.


This is a solution for easily sharing 360˚ spatial imagery in real time. The host uses Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connectivity to send live video from a 360˚ camera and smartphone app, while the guests can view the video from any angle they like on a variety of devices.

Watch the video presenting Avatour


Are you facing any of these issues?

It is hard to tell what the situation is using web conferencing

  • The areas I want to see are not being shown in the video.
  • I want see the entire site but typical cameras only show one area.

The high cost and time required to visit in person are inefficient

  • High costs to frequently travel and visit sites.
  • Restricted travel to sites due to COVID-19.

Using special wide-angle equipment increases costs

  • Special equipment to show a wider view of the site is expensive.
  • I want to be able to use commercially-available equipment.

Avatour is a space-sharing system that combines a 360˚ camera + smartphone x network.


Sharing the overall space in 360˚

Being able to see a 360˚ video remotely means there is no need to travel, and the overall nature of the site can be properly grasped. Guests can individually focus on specific areas.


Multi-device support allows for an immersive experience

Guests can have a more immersive experience using VR goggles, allowing site inspections from PC or smartphone browsers, or tourism using VR goggles for immersion, expanding the options on a user-case basis.


Max 20 people can view at one time

The massive amounts of 360˚ video data can be viewed by up to 20 people at the same time. This allows remote site inspections, factory visits and tourist etc. to be shared with a large number of people.

Use Cases

Manufacturing (Chemicals Manufacturer)


  • Regular quality inspections in the production process required site visits, which were costly.
  • It was also difficult to visit factories of our customers due to COVID-19 restrictions.

How Avatour was used

  • Using Avatour, which allows 360˚ video sharing in real time, allowed for easy to perform remote instructions and training from the workers’ perspective.
  • A 360˚ video image is streamed from the factory so that people inside and outside the company can see it in real time.

After Implementation

  • It is now possible to carry out factory audits remotely.
  • Remotely handling visits by large numbers of people to customers is also possible with Avatour.
  • It is now possible to continue site work without having to stop manufacturing operations during audits and visits.



  • We needed to visit the site to see progress on a construction project.
  • We needed to get the client to come to see the status.

How Avatour was used

  • Construction site imagery was streamed using a 360˚ camera so that project managers and clients could share site video from an overall perspective in real time.

After Implementation

  • No more need to visit the site each time a progress check is needed.
  • Clients can be given remote tours of the site, and a large number of related people can check the work through live streaming.


DOCOMO ASIA can suggest the best places for installation, and provide support for everything from application and software implementation to operations.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We provide one-stop support for everything from preliminary consulting to the introduction and implementation of devices and application software.

Support and Steps to Start Using Avatour in Your Company

Step.01 Preliminary
Step.02 Selection of
devices and services and demonstration
Step.03 Proposal
and contract
Step.04 Services and
communication infrastructure provision
Step.05 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

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