An AI image analysis solution to enhance entry/exit management and
security at sites and facilities mainly in the manufacturing and construction sector.


This is a solution to enhance site management and improve security with cameras, network, and AI.


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Are you facing any of these issues?

We want to manage the entry and exit of people and vehicles at our sites and facilities

  • The staff and visitor registration process is time consuming.
  • Managing vehicles, including cars and trucks, takes time and effort.

We want to avoid having too many people packed into the work area

  • We want to check whether capacity limits are being maintained in each work area.
  • We want to manage access to specific work or visitor areas.

AI VIDEO is an image analysis solution using AI + camera x network.


Advanced entry/exit management

Staff and visitors who have pre registered for facial recognition can be authorized access. Other than facial recognition, access management can be done through analyzing vehicle license plates.


People count feature to avoid overcrowding

People counting allows for capacity utilization analysis to deter overcrowding of specific areas.


Alert function

Unregistered staff, visitors and vehicles are automatically detected and triggers alerts for enhanced security. In addition, alerts can be triggered when a certain threshold is exceeded such as number of people in a specific area.

Use Cases

Managing Entry and Exit for Construction Sites


  • Facial recognition of workers was difficult when they were all wearing masks as part of the COVID-19 measures.
  • Managing entry and exit with fingerprint authentication was difficult to reconcile with the contactless measures required by COVID-19.
  • Changing from current manual operations to complying with contactless staff/visitor and vehicle registration was a challenge.

How AI VIDEO was used

  • Using AI analysis technology, it was possible to recognize employees even when they wore masks.
  • Site security was enhanced by being able to detect unregistered workers or vehicles.

After Implementation

  • Increased efficiency of facial recognition-based entry/exit management.
  • Achieved higher security through detection of unregistered people at the site.

Compliant with Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19.


  • It was difficult to manage the appropriate number of people and control entry and exit in an open area.

How AI VIDEO was used

  • It was now possible to detect how crowded a place was through analysis of the number of people, making it possible to avoid crowding in each area.

After Implementation

  • By understanding how many people were in the space, it was possible to avoid crowding beforehand.


DOCOMO ASIA can suggest the best places for installation, and provide support for everything from application and software implementation to operations.

DOCOMO ASIA provides solutions throughout Asia and Oceania, with a focus on Singapore. We provide one-stop support for everything from preliminary consulting to the introduction and implementation of devices and application software.

Support and Steps to Start Using AI VIDEO in Your Company

Step.01 Preliminary
Step.02 Selection of
devices and services and demonstration
Step.03 Proposal
and contract
Step.04 Services and
communication infrastructure provision
Step.05 Post-sales support
and ongoing operation support

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