Teijin Polyester (Thailand) Limited (verification testing)

Visualizing factory utilization rate
Providing end to end device and software total IoT support

Customer Issues before implementation

Reducing downtime

In the textiles industry, high-function products must be provided stably. So, to reduce downtime, we considered constructing an effective production system that would flag and share any issues with equipment to the factory managers.

Service provided

IoT Solution

Bulk provision of IoT software, local mobile network, and IoT devices

  • Operation information covering approximately 30 points were collected in real time from sensors installed on factory equipment. The data was stored on the cloud via the mobile network.
  • The factory manager could remotely monitor the factory status from a PC or smartphone.

How it works

Uses the IoT Platform DOCOMO ASIA provides to the plastic molding industry.

Uses software specialized for IoT developed jointly by DOCOMO ASIA and Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

Key Points in Implementation

  • Equipment and sensors that were already installed in the factory were used as is, allowing simple and quick implementation.
  • Increased convenience by being able to share production site information in real time with remote managers.

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