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Visualizing plastic molding production operations
Improving on site work efficiency

Customer Issues before implementation

Increasing efficiency of problem detection at the production site

In plastic molding, a range of factors, including mold temperature, speed, and pressure can greatly affect the quality of the finished product. In particular, as temperature management is important, prompt detection of any problems would help improve efficiency at the production site.

Service provided

IoT Solution

Jointly developed IoT software by DOCOMO ASIA and Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Data is obtained from sensors installed in the mold temperature adjuster, and alerts are sent when abnormal values are detected.
  • This uses a cloud service that ensures high security.
  • As it uses devices attached to the outside of the existing equipment, it did not require a large financial investment.

How it works

Customer Feedback

DOCOMO ASIA provided us with a one-stop service, from sensor devices to software, so implementation was smooth and worry free.
By obtaining a range of data from the mold temperature adjuster, we were able to visualize the production site. We hope to use this in the future as well.

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