Japanese Kindergarten / Konohana Kindergarten

School bus arrival inquiries to kindergartens reduced by 90% with bus tracking/notification app

Customer Issues before implementation

Parents and Kindergartens wanted to know the school bus location in real time

In Southeast Asia, sudden thunder showers can cause traffic jams leading to change in school bus arrival time. It was a burden for parents/guardians to have to wait for the bus in the tropical heat when they did not know when the bus was arriving.

Kindergartens' burden to respond to inquiries

Parents/guardians would frequently contact the kindergarten worried about when the bus would arrive, which took time for the kindergarten to confirm.

Service provided

Kindergarten Bus Service

Provided dedicated IoT software and app that allowed users to view location information

  • Location information is obtained in real time from a GPS device on the bus, and displayed on the app.
  • The app works in English and Japanese, with a simple interface.
  • Allows simultaneous transmission of notifications from the kindergarten using the app.
  • Administrator can view the bus operation history.

System Overview

Bus service platform

Customer Feedback

We were reassured of the service before implementation with the demonstration experiment.
The messaging/notification function is quite usefull in the event of sudden bus changes.
The app is very easy to use, and I think the parents/guardians also find it easy.
We have seen a significant drop in the number of inquiries about bus arrival times since we started using this.

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