IoT Solutions

Making full use of the solutions provided by DOCOMO ASIA.
We provide a one-stop destination to customize all the functions you need.

We work with a wide range of telco operators and partners throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Oceania to customize and provide the IoT solutions you need.

IoT Solutions

Communication devices & sensors

We provide support for obtaining and implementing your specified communication devices which includes support for import/export licenses.


Effective use of DOCOMO’s existing services and businesses. We provide a range of services based on partnering with companies doing business in Southeast Asia.

IoT Platforms

We can introduce you to the optimal line management platform service to suit your needs, including Cisco Jasper-PF and Airlinq (global MVNO) AIRCONTROL-PF.


We can work with local telco operators in each region and global MVNOs to offer the optimal network for you.

Logistics industry
Building Security
Fleet Management

Solving your business issues

Increase work efficiency Increase productivity And more

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